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Volunteer ExA 2017

I volunteer to try to give back to the art community, but at ExA, I received so much more than expected. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. You're all amazing!

Volunteer ExA 2017

My favorite part of volunteering was driving the artists for different errands. I got to talk to them about their lives, inspirations, and their art. Then watching that art come to life during the festival... Priceless.

Volunteer ExA 2017

What surprised me was how helpful everyone was to each other. Even the artists were helping the artists, not solely absorbed in their projects. I loved that teamwork atmosphere. 




  • Join the ExA community and spend the festival with us, immersed in cutting edge art and creative community. 

  • Join our "insiders" only facebook group to get the backstage view of our festival and get notified of fun ways to help!

  • Internships and professional development opportunities for Arts Administrators, Performance Artists, Art Historians, PR & Marketing, Curation, Videography, Photography, Journalism, etc. 

More Info TBA
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