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Experimental Action is a three day

International Performance Art festival

that facilitates and shines a spotlight on

experimental performance art that

excites, inspires, and pioneers ideas.


Showcasing both local and international artists,

we aim to cultivate an environment of

engagement and exchange that

expands artistic possibility

through progressive creative action

while exposing Houston audiences to

innovative performance art.



Nurturing positive growth

in ourselves, in our community, in our city, in our world.

Providing a platform for unfettered expression

for artists and works that question and challenge our current systems; we view controversy as an opportunity for positive growth.


Encouraging analytical dialogue 

processing the reactions caused by experimental actions and turning them into fuel for positive change and growth.

Taking intentional and calculated risks 

providing a platform for daring art that creates new pathways in previously unblazed territory, while being responsible to the safety of our artists, audience and partners.

Honoring personal integrity

in all of our own actions and in the actions of our artists, our audience, and our partners; respecting and honoring each other’s individuality and personal power.

Exemplifying respect and compassion

in all of our interactions and relationships within our community and with our artists, audience, and partners.



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