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ExA 2019 in Review: Colton White


Hot Lips

February 22, 2019

The space woven by White through the warm light, the seductive music, the fabrics that enveloped him made me feel like inebriate.

The passionate color that surrounded you devoured you.

When you sat in front of him, after walking to him, and having enough time to see the silhouette of his back, I was aware that I released from the state of tension and alert in what I normally feel. I know that not everyone has generated this well-being, but for me it was an approach, an opening of which I have sanctioned for years. Break with the space of comfort and approach until cutting the breath of the other, letting the presence of the other does what they want with you, only with the separation of one typical and stereotypical tool, considered feminine, the lipstick. White managed to break the screens, break with the virtual world, break with the empty relationships to remove me with breath, with the sinuosity, with the pose, with the drawing of the lipstick that crossed the contour of my lips, and in turn, I realized how long it was that nobody had approached me to these limits.

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