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Experimental Action 2019 Call for Artists

Experimental Action is seeking artists for a three-day performance festival taking place in Houston, Texas from February 21 - 23, 2019. Experimental Action is especially interested in PERFORMANCE ART rather than work that easily fits into other categories. Artists included in the festival will participate in solo and/or group performances, live with fellow artists in communal housing during the festival, and engage with the Houston community about their practice. Artists are expected to attend the festival in its entirety.

Applications due: July 27, 2018.

Review process: Applications will be reviewed by the Experimental Action Management Team. Applicants will be notified by the end of August.

About us: Experimental Action facilitates and shines a spotlight on experimental performance art that excites, inspires, and pioneers ideas. The festival showcases both local and international artists, and we aim to cultivate an environment of engagement and exchange that expands artistic possibility through progressive creative action to Houston audiences.

Funding and Support: Experimental Action is an artist led, grassroots project. While we will do anything we can to support you in your own fundraising efforts, at this point, we can only offer a small stipend to incoming artists along with documentation, food and board during the festival. We acknowledge the high value of your work, but also acknowledge that we do not currently have the capability to honor your gifts with a comparable financial payment. Please know that we do this because we love it, we wish we could give you more, we are giving as much as we know how to give, and that we never want to put any artist in a compromising position.

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